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Why Is Wireless Signal From My Belkin Router Not On?

A Belkin wireless router is typically configured to transmit the wireless signal by default when the router is installed. By having a Belkin wireless router, you don’t have to worry about sitting in a specific room because you will get the best signal quality in all corners of the premises. However, that is only true when your Belkin router is working properly. If you have found that, your Belkin router is not able to detect the network signal, then there could be several reasons behind it. If you want to identify the most precise reason along with the best solution for the problem, then you should read the blog post until the end.

Here are some tips to troubleshoot hardware issues in the Belkin wireless router.

Status Indicator

Check the wireless status indicator light on the front of the router. If the wireless antenna is showing a blue light, the wireless service is turned on in the Belkin router settings. If you do not see the blue antenna, your wireless service has not been enabled on the control panel.

Wireless mode

According to the channel and SSID settings in the Belkin router’s web-based control panel, the “wireless mode” option lists the wireless transmission modes available to your router. Check this setting to confirm that it is not set to “Off,” which will disable the wireless service.

SSID Broadcast

Check the “SSID Transmission” setting under the “Channel and SSID” settings in Control Panel. If this setting is set to “No,” this means that your router’s SSID is not transmitted, and unless your computer is set to automatically connect, even if your Belkin router is not broadcasting, it may appear that your router is not broadcasting. Wireless service is not working.


The typical distance that a wireless signal can successfully transmit indoors is 100 to 200 feet. When it seems that the wireless signal from your Belkin router is not transmitting, it may be that you are simply too far away, or if there is a blockage between you and the router that is blocking the signal. If the signal is too weak for your computer to identify, it may appear that the signal is not transmitting. Try to move the computer within a few feet of the router without walls to obstruct signal travel to determine if this is the cause. An increase signal antenna is an option to help solve this problem.

This is how you can fix the signal problem in the Belkin wireless router. However, the issue continues to exist, then you should consult Belkin router experts because they will only be able to help you fix this problem.

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