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Why Am I Seeing Orange Light Flashing On Belkin Router Instead of Blue Light?

Are you seeing the orange light on your Belkin router instead of blue light? Well, you are not supposed to see orange light because that light means there is something wrong with the router. There could be amber or yellow light as well instead of orange light, so don’t be confused when you see any other light instead of blue because all those means the same thing, i.e., your router is not working properly. If you want to know how to fix the problem befalling your Belkin router, the indication of which you are seeing in the form of orange, yellow or amber light, then read on.

What does orange light appearing in the Belkin Router means?

The orange light appearing in the router may have some relation to the internet service provider (ISP), but there could be many reasons behind the occurrence of the issue.

  1. Loose internet cable as well as connection.
  2. Internet is working slowly.
  3. Belkin router needs a necessary firmware update.
  4. Internet down from ISP side.
  5. A configuration problem in the router.
  6. Connection type is incorrect.
  7. The router is connected to a modem that it doesn’t support or the router is not able to detect the modem.

What is the process of troubleshooting orange lights flashing on the router?

  1. Begin with checking the cable connections between modem and router. Make sure to turn on the modem prior to checking the connections.
  2. Perform a power cycle, which includes restarting of the modem and router. By the time both devices boot up, you will have to wait, and after that, both devices are ready for set up.
  3. Now, log into Belkin Router Dashboard and then, look for an available firmware update

After going through these steps, you will have to check if the Belkin Router begins working or not. If the Router doesn’t work and you continue to see the orange light on the Belkin Router, then keep reading the post.

Reset Belkin Router:

  1. Find the ‘Reset’ button on the Belkin Router, which is given at the back of the router.
  2. Using a pointed object, press the ‘Reset’ button for 20-25 seconds.
  3. Once you reset Belkin wireless router, restart the modem again along with restarting your computer.
  4. Now, your Belkin Router is reset to factory defaults, so you can set up the router just like a new router.

Tips and tricks for setting up a Belkin Router:

  1. While setting up your Belkin Wireless Router, you will be prompted for ‘Internet Connection Type’ in order to configure your modem with Belkin Router. So, ask your ISP for ‘Internet Connection Type’ like ‘DHCP connection’, ‘PPPoE Connection’ or ‘Static Connection’.
  2. Finally, test your modem connection by connecting your PC directly with the modem.

With that, the process of fixing flashing orange light on the Belkin Router completes. If you are seeing orange light instead of blue light despite performing all the steps in the right way, then you must get in touch with Belkin router help and support facility.

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