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What is Your Wireless Router capable of?

belkin wireless router setup

A few days ago, a friend came by to house and told me that he was “messing” inside the router. He was not sure as to what he changed in the settings, but he was confident that there is something wrong with the router. As it is a “zone” practically unknown to the vast majority of users, he was curious to know what he was preparing. I explained that I was exploring the ability to create a Virtual Server.

The routers brought another meaning to the word mobility, within the computational segment. However, hardly anyone explores more than 10% (which comes from the factory) of their router, which they install at home.

Let’s start by teaching (for those who still do not know) how to create Virtual Servers. As a reference, I’m going to use my Belkin wireless router, so I’m counting on you to leave a record of how to do it on your routers.

After all, what is a Virtual Server for?

Explaining very simply think of the following, imagine that in your machine you have to run a Web server (Apache, IIS, TomCat, etc.) and want this service to be available from anywhere on the Internet. The solution may be to create a Virtual Server. Basically, they only have to redirect all the requests that arrive at your router to port 80, for your local machine.

Considering the above scenario, imagine that they have two computers at home. Carla’s PC with IP: and Pedro’s PC that owns the HTTP and FTP services and has the IP address Note that your router has assigned the IP addresses automatically.

To redirect requests, log into your router and look for Virtual Server or Port Forwarding, on my Belkin I have this in the Firewall menu.

In this screen, they should indicate that all requests for ports 20 and 21 (FTP) through the TCP protocol and requests for port 80 TCP should be forwarded to IP which is the machine that has FTP and server running.

After doing this, record the changes. Now you just have to know the public address (address known from any of the Internet) of your Wireless router.

Note that some ISPs cause this address to change in each session. To know what your outside address can visit for example the page:

To test, simply enter in your browser the address that was provided by the previous page and check if the requests are coming to your local machine i.e., if you can see for example the Web page that is on the machine

With this type of service you can, for example, make Remote Desktop your machine simply by redirecting the requests to port 3389, or VNC, SSH, Telnet, etc. All you have to do is know what port you are running a particular service and forward the requests to the machine/port they want.

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