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Skip Automatic Setup And Apply Steps To Setup Belkin Router Manually

There are generally 2 methods to configure a router on the home network. The best and the easiest way is using the CD that comes with the packing. Due to some reason, if you are not being able to carry out the automatic setup, you can go with the manual setup.

The steps for setup are given here as under:

  1. Disconnect your modem from the power supply and connect it to the Belkin router using Ethernet cable given in the box. If you don’t have spare Ethernet cable with you, you can order it online.
  2. Connect the devices to the respective power adapters and plug-in the adapter to the power socket.
  3. You will find the lights on the panel start glowing. Now, search for username and password of your Belkin router from the rear of it.
  4. Turn on the computer and click on ‘Network list’. Check the name of your Belkin router in the list and enter a password to connect to it.
  5. Open browser now and enter the default IP address of router if configuring for the first time which is
  6. Tap to go to the login window.
  7. You will find a Belkin router page appear on the screen where you will be asked further details related to connection type of internet service provider.
  • Dynamic connection: This type of connection is preferred where the internet service provider doesn’t give any details of username and password to access the internet. You can access the internet directly without any authentication. Follow-on screen instructions to set Dynamic connection type.
  • PPPoE connection: In PPPoE connection type, you will find username and password given by the internet service provider. Enter the username and password to establish a connection with the network.
  • Static connection: In this type of connection, a Unique ID with a password is required which is provided by the internet service provider. The value is static and remain the same every time you log in. Click ‘Try my connection’.
  1. After completing step 7, you can now enter the values as asked on-page. When all the details are properly entered, you will find ‘You are online’ status on screen. The Belkin router will now search for a firmware update if available any on the official page. It will take some minutes to get connected to the server for an update.

When you update the firmware of Belkin router, it will improve the performance remove bugs and enhances the security of the network. The advantage of updating the router is that the devices connected to the router for the network access will not get affected by online attackers. For more information related to this, you can go to the Belkin router link.

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