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How You Can Check And Change The Default IP Address Of Your Belkin Router?

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Every router has 2 different IP addresses, one is used for connecting to the internet and another one is used for connecting the router to the local devices within the network which includes mobiles, tablet, and streaming media players.

Your Internet service provider provides IP address for outside connection and for local communication, a private IP is assigned by the Belkin router manufacturer. For your information, we want to mention here the default IP which is

Router’s Default IP address?

Every router has its own unique IP address which is assigned during the manufacturing process. The IP address depends on the model and makes of the router.

To change the router settings, password or setup port forwarding a private IP is required for connecting to the router’s console.

Yes, if you have connected any device to the internet through Belkin router, then you can access Belkin page from that device quite easily. The private address is also called a Default gateway. In computer terminology, it is known by Network configuration address.

Know about Default username and passwords

The default username and passwords are required to login to the user’s console of the Belkin router. The default username and passwords are:

Default username: Admin.

Default password: Password or admin.

If you have changed the default password or forgot to remember it, then you can reset it by pressing the reset button from the back of the router. Press the button for 30 seconds and release thereafter.

Belkin router reset details

  • When you reset the router, all the configured settings like network, IP or device will be deleted and changed to default.
  • Resetting is recommended only if you have entered incorrect settings in the configuration page or the wrong credentials have been entered several times. If the router firmware has been recently updated, you will find the problem in using it.
  • To soft reset, any Belkin router, just disconnect it from power supply and wait for 5 seconds till you turn it on again.

Here’s how you can change the default IP address?

  1. The private IP of the router is always the same as that of modem one. In order to avoid any interference or conflict, you must change the default IP address of the Belkin router.
  2. Most of the users, keep the IP addresses of both the devices the same as they find it easy to remember. However, no as such advantage can be gained by keeping it the same.
  3. Changing the router’s default IP address will not change any subnet mask address, settings, and connections to the internet.

Some ISPs use authentication method to authorize home networks and MAC address of router or modem but not use the local IP address.

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