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How To Update Firmware Of Belkin Wireless Router With Easy Steps?

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Are you using the obsolete version of Firmware in your Belkin router or don’t know which version is installed in it? If yes, then we have bought a guide through which you can easily check the version installed and update it to the latest version. Belkin routers are mainly used to connect smart devices to the internet wirelessly.

If you are facing problem in connecting the router with the internet or your router security is at risk, then must check the firmware update and install the same on your router. You will be able to protect your router from unnecessary risks prevailing online. Hackers won’t be able to gather the information about your computer as well as the router.

Apart from the above-mentioned advantages of the firmware update, you can also enjoy the latest functions on the router with the help of which you can use it to full potential.

Belkin technical team keeps on updating the firmware version so as to keep your device safe from hackers or spammers.

Now, we are going to discuss steps to update the firmware of the router

  • Connect your router to the computer through a wired connection. Wired connection is safer and efficient than a wireless one.
  • Check the model number of the router from the website.
  • Check existing firmware of the router.
  • Download the latest one.
  • Update the router with the same firmware.

Detailed steps:

Download Belkin router latest firmware: To download the latest version, go to Belkin page.

  • First, confirm the model number and version of firmware existing in the hardware.
  • Go to the ‘Search’ field and enter the model number of the router.
  • Press Enter.
  • If any new update is available, you will find an updated version along with the file size.
  • Start downloading it on your computer after reading the terms and conditions from the download page.

Updating the firmware on the router:

  • Once the downloading gets done, you need to install the same on your router.
  • For this, you have to open the setup page of the router from the computer browser. Enter the IP address directly in the URL space.
  • You will find a login screen in front of a computer screen. Enter router login details like username and password.
  • Click on ‘Update firmware’.
  • You will be asked to select the drive where you have downloaded the file.
  • Once it gets installed, click ‘Save changes’.
  • Your router will be restarted several times during installation.
  • The installation will take up to 40 minutes, so no need to worry as this is the usual time for installation.

After successfully updating the firmware, you can start using the Belkin router normally as you were using before.

We have been delivering the best support for Belkin Wireless router. If you are using a router of this particular brand and want to know how to set it up, then go through our Belkin wireless Router setup related information. You will find all the details regarding the setup of Belkin router, or you can call us at our toll-free number. If you also want to know Belkin Range Extender Setup so as to enable internet access in areas where internet was not available before, then you should get in touch with our experts.

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