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How To Setup WEP Security On Belkin Wireless N600 Router Through Easy Steps?

belkin router setup

WAP is an acronym for wired equivalent privacy. It is basically a security protocol meant for WLAN. This protocol is comprised of two types of securities. One is 64 bit and another one is 128 bit. In 64 bit key, you will find 10 hexadecimal numbers and in 128 bit, you will find 26 digits. With WEP enabled on WAN, no outsider can connect to the Wi-Fi without your knowledge and can transmit or receive any signal.

Today, we are going to discuss steps to set up WEP security on the Belkin wireless router.

Following things are required to accomplish the WEP setup.

  1. Wired computer with Ethernet cable.
  2. The IP address of your router which can be checked either from the manual provided with the box or by calling the router manufacturer.
  3. Username and password of your router.

1st step

Connect the computer to the router using any one port out of the given four ports.

2nd step

Open a web browser like safari or chrome on a windows computer and enter the IP address of your Belkin router in the address bar given on the top. Press ‘Enter’. By default, the IP address of the router is

Note: Enter personalized IP address if you have ever changed the default IP.

3rd step

You will find a router based setup page appeared on the screen. From the top right corner of the screen, click ‘Login’. If you have set up the login password earlier, enter the same password now to log in to the account.

Press ‘Submit’.

Note: If you have not entered the password earlier, then leave this field as it is and in case you have forgotten the password, click ‘Reset’ password to bring the password to factory default.

4th step

Go to ‘Security’ from the ‘Wireless pane’

5th step

Select 64 bit WEP from the given options and enter 10 digit hexadecimal number. You can use alphanumeric characters in the password. Besides this, you can also enter the password in the Passphrase box and the key will be generated automatically for your router.

Note down the characters written in the Key 1 box. This is your wireless security key.

6th step

Click to apply changes. The wireless security for your Belkin router is set up now. If you want to change the password in the future, you can read the instructions again.

Start connecting the wireless devices to the network

Once you complete with the setup process, you can now start connecting the smart devices to the home network using router SSID and password. To connect a windows computer to the Wi-Fi network, you can read the instructions given on the ‘Router’ link.

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