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How To Setup Belkin Router N300 Without A CD?

belkin router setup

First of all, being a Belkin router user you are aware of the fact that Belkin routers come with a CD. There is a major tendency that you can lose this CD over time, which makes it difficult for you to setup Belkin again in new surroundings.

Well, Belkin offers to set up in two ways, you can configure the Belkin router using a CD or you can choose to perform this process with the help of Belkin router setup page.

Before you begin with the process, you need to be aware of the following things:

  • Internet connectivity in the surrounding.
  •  Your modem and router are connected properly to each other.
  • Firmly, check internet connectivity. You can assure it by surfing on the internet.
  • If the web pages aren’t opening then, contact your ISP provider.

Procedure to connect router and modem:-

  1. Use an Ethernet cable to connect your router with the modem.
  2. Plugin the router and modem to a working power outlet.
  3. Following this, with the help of another Ethernet cable form a connection between the router and the device.
  4. After this, your Belkin router LED lights will blink. They will slowly turn into a solid blue light. If this doesn’t happen then, your LED will be an amber color.
  5. This means there is a connectivity problem.

Ways to get rid of this light is:-

  1. Confirm the ‘Power’ is properly reaching modem and router.
  2. Otherwise, you can switch on and off to the power cycle. If this doesn’t resolve then, plug out the devices and wait for several seconds and connect it again.
  3. This will let your Belkin router flash solid Blue lights.

Now, the setup procedure:

  • Before you begin, check the browser you are going to use is updated.
  • Now, in the search box type; ‘http://routerlogin’ and then, press enter. If the following URL doesn’t work then, type in the search bar IP address:
  • It will open a prompt on the screen stating ‘Let’s connect to internet’ you have to press ‘Ok’ on your device.
  • This will allow internet connectivity on your device. Once the internet it connected it will first lookup for updates if there aren’t any updates. You will be taken to another screen where you have to enter the Network ID and password.
  • Press ‘Save and Continue.’ This will successfully save your network ID and password. After this, it will ask you to register yourself as a Belkin router user.
  • For which you will have to enter your details on the registration window.
  • Confirm the details by clicking on ‘Complete Registration’. This will be followed by ‘Thanks, direct me to the dashboard.’
  • On the dashboard, you can make your preferred changes to the router settings.

Since you have followed the above-mentioned steps and the setup for Belkin router will be successfully completed also, you will be able to make the necessary changes to the router and you can connect various devices with the internet.

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