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How To Setup And Connect Smart Android Wireless Devices To The Belkin Router?

belkin wifi extender setup

Before connecting the router to an Android smartphone or tablet, it must be configured properly on the network. There are some tips which you can follow to get the best performance from the router. These are:

·         Place the router nearer to the modem.

·         Don’t place your Belkin router in open area or near to the metal objects and magnets.

·         Try placing the router above floor level as this will mitigate the channel interference problem.

Setting up the Belkin router:

1.       Disconnect the modem from the power outlet.

2.       Connect the modem to the router using Ethernet cable.

3.       Plug in modem again to the power supply and wait for half a minute.

4.       Now, plug the router to the power supply and wait till the power light turns solid.

5.       Connect your router to the computer with the help of LAN cable.

Important: The default SSID of your Belkin router is ‘Name of the router along with the set of unique number and letter’. These are wireless network settings. We recommend you to change the SSID and security type of router for security reasons. To know more about ‘How to change SSID and security’ you can follow the link given on the page.

6.       Once done, your router is now successfully configured and you can start connecting wireless devices.

Connecting wireless devices to the network

You need to follow the steps according to the OS and device you are using. Here we are going to discuss the steps in relation to Android smartphone and tablet. So the steps for it are discussed here below:

Android platform is one of the common and popular OS for smartphone and tablets. To connect the devices of this OS to the router, read the below-mentioned steps.

1.       Check the internet connection first, followed by Wi-Fi name and password.

2.       If you want to know the details of your Belkin router settings, go to ‘Belkin settings’ link.

3.       Go to Home screen from the Android device and click on ‘App’ tray.

4.       Go to ‘Settings’.

5.       Click on ‘Wi-Fi’ and select to turn it on. In some devices, you will find the option under ‘Wireless and networks’ menu.

6.       Click on ‘Wi-Fi’ name.

7.       You will be prompted to enter the password for the selected SSID.

8.       You can show or hide the password you are entering by clicking on ‘Show password’.

9.       Click Connect. You need to wait for some time until the connection gets established.

Your Android smartphone or tablet is now connected to the Wi-Fi. You can start accessing the internet without any trouble.

We can assist you with Belkin WiFi Extender setup and Belkin Wireless Router Setup, so if you have just bought Belkin Wi-Fi Extender and want to set it up with your existing router, then all you need to do is make a secure connection between two devices followed by setting up the extender via computer. For more details, visit the Belkin’s Official Support Website:

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