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How To Setup A Belkin Router Manually With Easy Steps?

belkin router setup

You may or may not know that the Belkin routers can be installed with and without the setup CD. You can install it manually without requiring any CD. So, in case you are not having the installation CD, there is no need to search for the content here and there, just go through the steps mentioned in the guide.

First of all, we will discuss how to power cycle the modem and the router.

To power cycle, the modem or router, unplug it from the power source.

Connect the Ethernet cable to the modem and to the router. Both the ends can be connected through the RJ45 connector.

Turn on the modem first followed by router by simply connecting them back to the power supply.

How to manually set up the Belkin router?

The steps which we are going to discuss now will work for almost all models of Belkin routers except some. Go to Belkin Dashboard and follow the steps given here as under:

  1. Connect the computer LAN port to the router with the help of Ethernet cable.
  2. Open a web browser and enter the IP address of your router in the address bar.
  3. Press ‘Enter’.
  4. The default IP address is If you are facing any difficulty in opening the default setup page, then you can contact experts.
  5. Click ‘Login’.
  6. No need to enter anything in the password field, simply click on ‘Submit’. If you find any problem in setting up the password, later on, you can click on ‘Help’ page.
  7. From ‘Internet WAN’ click on ‘Connection type’.
  8. Select connection type from ‘Dynamic, ‘Static’, PPPOE, ‘PPTP’.
  9. Tap ‘Next’.

To select the right connection type, you can contact your internet service provider. They will let you know the right connection type according to the router.

  1. Enter details in the respective field and click ‘Submit’.
  2. You will be asked to save ‘Applied changes’. Click to confirm.

You are now able to connect to the internet. To verify the status, you can check the upper right corner of the screen where you will find ‘Connected’ message.

Start opening the websites of your choice from the web browser or visit Belkin page for further settings.

Once the connection gets established, you will find the below-mentioned settings:

  • Configure Belkin router wireless security.
  • Setup Mac address filtering.
  • Setup port forwarding on Belkin router.
  • Adjust router time and date settings.
  • Update the administrator password of Belkin’s router.

All these options will be made available on the screen, you can change any out of these as per your requirement.

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