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How To Set Up An External Hard Drive On A Belkin Router?

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Belkin routers, which feature a USB port, are designed to share an external hard drive with the rest of the network, effectively transforming the router into network-attached storage, or NAS, device. NAS devices are similar to file servers in that they make available storage space on the network so that multiple computers can access files simultaneously. Belkin routers split the hard disk over the network using the hard disk volume name.

You can configure an external hard drive on a Belkin router by naming the drive on a computer, then plugging it into the router’s USB port. It doesn’t matter which brand of external hard drive you are using, you will be able to connect it with your Belkin router without any issue. All you need to make sure is that the instructions you are following are correct. To help you out with the process of setting up an external hard drive with Belkin Router, you can go through the steps given below.

Setting up an external hard drive with a Belkin Router:

  1. Connect the external hard drive to a computer’s USB port temporarily.
  2. Click the “Start” button in the bottom left corner of the screen, then click “Computer.”
  3. Write down the volume name of the external hard disk. Optionally change the name by right-clicking on the external hard drive, then click “Rename”.
  4. Disconnect the external hard drive from the computer.
  5. Connect the external hard drive to the Belkin router’s USB port.
  6. Press the Windows logo key and “R” simultaneously on the keyboard.
  7. Type two backslashes, the router’s IP address, another backslash, and finally the volume name you observed or defined earlier. For example, type “\\\\ExternalHardDrive” without the quotation marks.
  8. Press “Enter” to access the files on the shared external hard disk.

Now, you will find your external hard drive connected with your Belkin Router, so you can now use your router as network-attached storage (NAS) as well. There are many benefits of using the router in this way, but if you find any issue in connecting your external hard drive to your Belkin router, then make sure your hard drive is in a working condition.

If it isn’t, then surely, it won’t be detected by the router and you won’t be able to convert your router into a NAS. However, if your hard drive is in a working state and so does the router, yet the router is not able to detect the external hard drive, then you will have to take help of Belkin Router experts who can assist you with this issue.

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