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How To: Run SSH Server And Reset Password On A Belkin Router?

When you are surfing the internet through a Belkin Router, you must know two important things related to Belkin Router. One, how to run SSH Server and second, how to reset the password on your Belkin router. Let’s discuss both things one by one.

The Belkin router allows you to set up a specific computer on a secure shell server network. The SSH protocol can be securely connected through an insecure network. Setting up the SSH server on the Belkin router requires logging in to the configuration page, so you need the administrator’s username and password. You can only access the configuration page of a router that is connected to a router from a computer or via a wired or wireless network.

  1. Log in to your Belkin router to connect to the network using a web browser. The Internet Protocol address is the type of router. The default IP address of the Belkin router is Press the “Enter” key. When prompted, enter your username and password. The default username is “Admin” and the default password is blank. Click “OK.”
  2. Select “Initial Settings” and click on “Virtual Server”. Set the type of the IP address of the SSH server for you. The address must be the address of the router, so if your router is, then SSH will start with 192.168.2 with a different final number.
  3. The value of the dedicated port input “22” is set to TCP. Do the same public port. Repeat the process, add another SSH project, and choose UDP instead of the value of TCP. Save and exit the router’s configuration page. The new SSH server will restart within a few minutes.

That was all about running the SSH server on Belkin Router. Now, let’s discuss how to reset the password of your Belkin Router. There could be a number of reasons for changing the password, but let’s just not go into those and come straight to the point.

How to reset the password on Belkin Router

  1. First of all, you need the router itself in front of you as well as the paper clip. At the bottom of the router, you will see a small hole with the label ‘reset’. It may or may not have a word reset. You are basically looking for a small hole and it has a button.
  2. Stick to the small hole of the paper clip and press the button for at least 10 seconds. You will notice that all the lights on the router will flash. You just made a hard reset on the router. Please note that this will remove all current settings on the router.
  3. After the router is reset, it will reboot, pull your web browser and enter the IP address of your router. Belkin’s IP address is You will then be able to access the router’s settings. Please note that once you restart the router, there is no password at the factory, leaving only the entered password is empty, then click Submit.

With that, the password on your Belkin Router is changed. Note down the password so as to easily use it when required.

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