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How To Protect Your Belkin Router Via WPA And MAC Address Filter?

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Belkin Routers can be protected in a number of ways. One way is through WEP, but if you have tried that method, but haven’t got any success, then you should move onto other methods, which are equally popular as WEP. We are talking about WPA and MAC Address Filter. You can easily protect your Belkin Router via these two methods. To know how it can be done, keep reading the post.

Protecting Belkin Router via WPA

One of the most used methods is the so-called WPA, which stands for Wi-Fi Protected Access. It is a Wi-Fi standard, which substantially improves the security features of WEP encryption. However, it must be emphasized that while the WEP method is present on all Belkin routers, the WPA (or WPA2) standard is found only in the most recent models.

Configuring this protection standard is a fast and certainly a safety operation. The first step is to connect your PC to an Ethernet port on your Belkin router; secondly, you need to open the control panel window and, under “Protection” click on “WPA / WPA2-Personal (PSK)” and then on “Apply changes”.

Once you have completed this step, you must authenticate by selecting one of the following options: WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK or WPA-PSK + WPA2-PSK, then click on the item TKIP + AES and finally on “Shared Key” (or “Pre-Shared Key”), Where you will set an alphanumeric password consisting of at least 8 characters. Once the password has been entered, all that remains is to click once on “Apply changes”. When connecting to the wireless network, all that remains is to enter – and save – the previously generated password.

How to protect a Belkin router via Mac Address Filter

Knowing how to protect a Belkin router is certainly an extra weapon for the security of your wireless network. As we have seen, one of the ways to provide effective protection for your Belkin router is the MAC Address Filter, which will allow you to allow or deny access to your network from specific MAC addresses.

MAC (Media Access Control) addresses consist of a series of 12 hexadecimal characters that have the function of identifying a computer connected to its own network. In other words, through the MAC Address Filter, you will be able to identify any device connected to the wireless network, choosing whether to allow or deny access.

To ensure greater protection it is sufficient to configure the list of MAC addresses, so as to approve access to the wireless router only for the devices included in the list. To do this you need to connect to the configuration site, go to the Firewall section where the “MAC Address Filtering” entry is located and enter the address where you want to allow access to your wireless network.

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