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How to get rid of Error 651 encountered on Belkin router?

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The error 651 of Belkin router encounters on the computer running Windows 7 or 10. It happens when you try to connect to the internet and you get the error message like the connection is unsuccessful.

Why the error code 651 appears on Belkin router?

Error 651 relates to the connection problem. However, this is a minor error and doesn’t result in shut down of windows computer.  You can dismiss the error message and continue to find out the cause of this problem.

The issues that can trigger error 651 range from the software and hardware of your Belkin router and internet provider. Other causes of this error are.SYS file placed in a different location, modem not properly configured, corrupted registry files and IP conflict.

How to fix the Belkin error 651?

  1. Test the network connection on another device. In this way, you can check whether the problem persists in the windows computer or with the modem. If the network service is down from the internet service provider end, then call ISP.
  2. If you are able to connect to the internet from another computer, then it means there is a problem with the windows. If you are not able to connect, then there is definitely some problem in the modem or router.
  3. Try a different connection: This is another method of troubleshooting error 651. If you have another connection available, then try to connect the windows computer to it and check if you are getting access to the internet or not.
  4. Check loose cables: This is no doubt a basic tip but will help in fixing error 651. Check whether all the cables are properly plugged in or not. If any cable is loose or not connected firmly, then disconnect it and connect again.
  5. Reboot modem and router: Restarting the router and the modem can sometimes help in fixing the error. To restart your device, unplug the power cable and wait for 5 minutes. Connect the cables again to the power supply and wait till it gets properly booted.
  6. Restart computer: This is a basic tip to resolve all issues pertaining to the internet on windows 8 and 10. Restart the computer through the ‘Restart’ option given under the ‘Shutdown’ menu.
  7. Start smart internet connection troubleshooter:  This is an inbuilt tool for scanning and fixing the errors encountered on Windows 10 OS. Open this tool and start diagnosing internet problems.
  8. Check windows updates: If any new update for the Windows PC is available, then you will get the flag message on the right bottom corner or the system tray. Click on it to update the OS. This will not only improve the performance but will also fix the bugs and errors reported in the previous version. Check the updates manually by getting into ‘Settings’ followed by ‘Updates and security’.
  9. Update Network adapter driver: There are network drivers installed on the computer which are a must for accessing the internet on it. If any update for the driver is available, then download it instantly and check if the error 651 disappears from the Belkin screen or not.

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