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How To Connect Your Sling Box And Barnes And Nook Tablet To Belkin Router And Start Accessing Internet?

Belkin WiFi Extender Setup

Sling box is a kind of electronic device which connects to the TV and receives signal from the cable, satellite and smart device like laptop or smartphone. One thing important to discuss here is that the Sling Box must be connected to the internet for playing the content on TV.

The steps for connecting this entertainment box to the Belkin router are discussed below.

  1. Connect the A/V cable to AV jack of the Slingbox. If you want the best quality video on TV, then use s-video output.
  2. Connect the IR receiver in front of the set-top box to enhance the range of reception.
  3. Connect the Ethernet cable to the Slingbox and to the Belkin router.
  4. Connect the router to the power supply through the power adapter provided with the box. When you switch on the plug, you will find the green light glowing on the power indicator. Wait for the green light to get stable.
  5. Now, turn on the computer and install Slingbox software along with the complete package.
  6. Select country and region from where you are going to configure the box.
  7. Select input.
  8. Setup the source device.
  9. Once connected, test the infra-red connection whether it is working or not.
  10. If asked select ‘Automatic configuration’.
  11. Open player on the screen and start enjoying favorite shows of your choice.

This is all about the steps for configuring Belkin router on SlingBox. We hope you have understood the steps. If you are having a problem you can contact Belkin experts.

Now, we are going to discuss steps for configuring Belkin router on Barnes and Nook tablet. If you want to enjoy digital reading at home or at a place somewhere away from the home, then follow the steps mentioned below.

Apart from reading books, you can browse internet, listen to music and stream videos provided the tablet ought to be connected to the internet.

Note: Before configuring the router on Nook tablet, it’ SSID must be enabled for letting the devices to connect to the internet.

  • Click on ‘Quick Navigation bar’ and tap ‘Settings’.
  • Open ‘Wireless’ from the settings menu.
  • Go to ‘Wi-fi button’ and search for the SSID of your Belkin router.
  • After clicking on the respective SSID, enter a password to connect to it
  • You will find ‘Connected’ message on the screen.

If you know the steps to open the flag menu, then you can directly connect to the internet from there by searching SSID in the list.

We have the best support facility where we resolve all issues related to Belkin Range Extender Setup. If you want to know how to setup Belkin Range Extender so as to enable internet access in areas where internet was not available before, then you should get in touch with our experts. Belkin Router Setup

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