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How To Connect Belkin Router To The Internet And Update Firmware?

belkin n300 setup

A Belkin router is a specific brand of routers that are made for home use. You can use a Belkin router to share your broadband Internet connection (such as DSL or cable) with multiple computers by connecting your Internet modem to your router. To know how you can do that, i.e., connect your Belkin router to the internet; you need to follow the below-mentioned steps.

Steps to connect the Belkin Router to the internet:

  1. Unplug your high-speed modem from the electrical outlet and unplug the router if it is plugged in as well.
  2. Disconnect the network cable that connects the modem to your computer. Connect this cable connecting the high-speed modem to the Internet input port on the back of your Belkin input.
  3. Plug your router into the wall outlet and wait for the lights on the front of the device to stop flashing.
  4. Plug your high-speed Internet modem into the electrical outlet and wait for the lights on the device to stop flashing. Once the router and modem are fully powered on, your Internet connection is properly connected to your router.

That is the process of connecting your Belkin router to the internet, and the first thing that you should be doing now is updating your router, the process of which you can find in the section below.

How to update a Belkin router?

Belkin routers are designed to be a low-cost solution for individuals and small businesses to connect multiple computers to a shared Internet connection, such as cable or DSL. Belkin routers have an operating system installed in flash memory that allows the router to perform all of its functions. The operating system is designated by firmware. Sometimes Belkin launches new firmware that adds functionality and fixes flaws in the previous firmware. You can update a Belkin router by upgrading the firmware to the latest version. To know how it is done, you need to check out the below-mentioned steps.

  1. Obtain the latest firmware version for your Belkin Basic router from the Belkin support site.
  2. Open a web browser and type “” without the quotation marks in the address bar. Press “Enter”.
  3. Click on “Connection” then click on “Submit”.
  4. Click on “Update Firmware”.
  5. Click on “Browse” then double-click on the file downloaded previously.
  6. Click on “Update” and click on “OK”. Wait about two minutes for the router to update with the new firmware.

With the firmware of your Belkin router updated, you will find that your router works in a much better way. However, if you find any issue in connecting your Belkin router to the internet or updating the router, then you can consult Belkin Router setup and support facility to find a solution for either or both the issues.

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