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How To Beef Up The Security Of Your Belkin Wireless Router?

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In today’s world, online security is of paramount importance because one loose end in your network and all your data will be leaked on the internet, which then will lead to mental, financial and legal troubles to you. If you are using a Belkin wireless router, then you can increase the security of it by following certain steps, details of which you can find in the section below.
What security measures can you take to enhance the security of your Belkin router?
There are various ways to add security to our Belkin router. WEP security can be of a 64-bit or 128-bit encryption and is ideal for household use as well as small commercial use.
WPA is an updated version of WEP, adds another layer of security, and is mainly used and compatible with the latest devices. You can choose the option to select WPA as default security and it is nothing different from WEP but it adds another layer of security.
When you will open the web interface of Belkin, then you will find the advantages of WPA over WEP for obvious reasons and nowadays, the majority of devices support WPA, there is no harm in setting up WPA over WEP. WPA 2 is another major upgrade of WPA and it is highly recommended.
MAC filtration:
These were carious wireless security briefs, which are available nowadays. After considering all these methods for beefing up the security of Belkin, you can also use MAC address filtering for not allowing specific devices to connect to our wireless router even if key identification passes.
One of the prime reasons behind MAC filtering is a security concern. Some devices have spyware, which on connection with our router can be potentially dangerous. Even if spyware is not the problem, random ping attacks via some insecure android devices surely can risk your router and internet connection.
Therefore, you should enter a specific MAC or starting addresses of common types of devices as majority of blackberry devices have MAC starting from a common subcode and if we enter it then all devices starting from that code will be blocked from authorized access to our Router hence adding another layer of security in our devices.
After all these layers have been studied and can be used according to our desire apart from the fact that the majority of users use WPA 2 as a security measure as well as third party apps for MAC filtering, we can also set up a password to avoid unauthorized access to our wireless network.
A password makes sure that only those devices and users can connect to our wireless router and modem who know the authentication key entering, which is a device that creates an encrypted hash that matches the router if entered correctly and then we can connect those devices with router. Password protection is a great medium to filter out and decrease connection requests to the router hence decreasing chances of intruding into security.For more information go to Belkin  n600 setup.

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