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Easy Approach To Fix ‘Printer Not Connecting To Belkin Router’ Problem

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BY connecting the printer to the router, you can get print out of your important documents from any computer connected to the same network. The main advantage of connecting the printer to the router is that there is no need to physically connecting each computer to the printer. However, if you are not being able to connect the printer to the router, then here are some simple tricks which you can try and we hope you will get success after this.

Here, we are going to discuss steps in relation to the Belkin router. These steps are well tested and verified by Belkin experts. No matters which model of Belkin router you are using, these will work for all.

Inspect the problem

Before troubleshooting any problem, the reason for the problem must be known. If you are not aware of the problem, then it would be difficult for you to fix. Check if there is a problem with the printer and router connection. Ask from yourself some other questions like; are you using a new or old printer. Do you know the password of your router login? This is required for establishing the connection.

Has the installation been properly done? If not, then you will find a problem in connecting the printer to the router.

Steps to troubleshoot the above-mentioned problems

  1. Restart all the devices like printer, router, and the computer. Firstly, start with the router then move to the printer.
  2. Uninstall all the drivers and software installed on the computer and router related to the printer. Download latest version of drivers from the official website of your printer. Setup the wireless connection between the router and the printer now.
  3. Connect the printer manually to the network if the automatic option is disabled or not working due to some reason. The manual settings will find under ‘Printer settings’. Go to ‘Network connections’ from ‘Printer settings’. Search for ‘Home or office’ network to which you want to connect to.
  4. Enter the password to connect to the printer.
  5. If you want to connect to the Belkin page, enter a password for router login. Enter username in the ‘Username’ field and ‘Admin’ in the password field.
  6. It is recommended to change the password of your Belkin router after regular interval of time. You can change it from web address.
  7. Sometimes there is some antivirus software’ that blocks the login page of the router due to a security issue. If this is the reason or the connection keeps on disconnecting from the printer, then disable the firewall and antivirus for some time.
  8. Last but not least, hard reset your router and reset the printer as well. To reset the router, go to web-interface page again and check the ‘Reset’ option from there. All the settings will come to default after a factory reset. Enter the details again and configure the printer from the beginning. Otherwise, there is a WPS button given on the hardware that can reset the connection.
  9. We offer support for Belkin WiFi Extender, so if you are using this particular brand of extender and want to know how to do Belkin WiFi Extender setup and Belkin Range Extender Setup then you can go through the steps given at our website. Or, you can visit the Belkin’s support official website:

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