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Different Ways To Fix ‘Internet Connection’ Problem With Belkin Router

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You may encounter an internet connection issue with the Belkin router once in a while. If you are among the one who is facing this problem, then go through the workarounds discussed here in the post. We are going to discuss the solutions with regard to different scenarios.

  1. Both wired and wireless computers not getting internet

To troubleshoot this problem, unplug the computer, router, and modem from power supply and wait from some seconds. Connect the devices again to the power in the order Router, modem and then computer. Wait for the lights on the router to get stable. Try connecting the internet now. If the problem still infuriates, contact internet service provider.

  1. Problem in connecting the wired computer to the internet

If you are facing this problem or having such a scenario, then check the wires and its connections properly. Examine if any wire is broken or loose. Cross-check the physical connections through LED engrossed on router. If the respective LEDs are glowing, then it means connection is Ok.

  1. Only wireless computer not receiving the internet

Check the following issues in your wireless clients and troubleshoot accordingly.

  • Network selection and encryption.
  • Signal strength.
  • Sources of interference available.
  • TCP/IP settings.
  1. Unable to connect to Wi-Fi

Check the wireless settings of your network which includes the SSID and password. To set up the router for the first time, you ought to know the SSID and password details of the existing network. If you are not sure with the details, you can contact internet service providers.

  1. Sluggish wireless connection

If the network functions too slowly, you will get a problem in opening the large websites. The best way to troubleshoot this problem is to change the channel number of your router. You can change the channel number of your router by getting into the settings menu. If more than 2 devices are using the same channel, you will get interference on the network.

Distance also matters in signal performance of your network. If the device is placed far from the router, the signal strength will keep on decreasing as you move away from the router.

  1. Checking wireless adapter

Wireless adapters are installed in the computer to receive the signal. If you notice a problem with the wireless adapter, then check them once and see if it is turned on or not. If you don’t know how to open the wireless signal switch on the computer, you can refer computer manufacturer website.

  1. Outdated firmware

Every firmware update enhances the signal performance of your Belkin router. If you notice any bugs or error in your existing firmware version, then check for the available firmware from the router’s website. Download the firmware and install it with the help of steps given on the same page.

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